SAH Afurðir ehf. is a slaughterhouse that produces sheep, cattle and horse products. 

We supply the domestic market and export internationally. 
Our main exports are lamb meat,- mutton,- and horsemeat in wholesale. 
Significant amounts of by-products also go to foreign markets.


Most of what we produce is for human consumption, but some products are sold as animal feed. 
We operate according to an HACCP quality system that ensures the safety and hygiene of all of our products. We securely package and label according to buyer preferences. We offer fresh shipments of lamb at slaughter, which takes place in September and October. 
Foals are slaughtered primarily during September - December. 
Adult cattle and horses are slaughtered year-round, so fresh exports are possible any time of year. Frozen products are also sent to foreign markets year-round.
Icelandic lamb meat in great wholesale prices.

SAH Afurðir ehf also offers organic lamb. Our ​​facilities receive farm-direct animals that are certified by Vottunarstofan Tún, an independent, accredited certification body (tun.is).

You can contact us by emailing at sah@sahun.is or by calling +354 455 2200